Drinking bowls

Individual drinking bowls 

Individual drinking bowls are ideal for farms where the animals are confined or live in a limited space. Metal as well as plastic drinking bowls are available, each one with its own specifications


Small size - fresh water 

The small size of drinking bowls and the design of flap allow the animals to have easy access to water. Flap is positioned vertically and does not have a curved shape so that remains of straws cannot contaminate water. Water level is kept low and water always stays fresh


Easy to install 

Water pipes can be connected to the drinking bowls either from the top or the bottom side. A series of accessories permit mounting on a wall or pipe



Yard drinking troughs 

Yard drinking troughs are designed to cover animal needs under loose housing conditions. They can offer to the animals large quantities of water in a short time.



Watch the following video:

Plastic Drinking Bowl for cattle.

SHS Drinkng Bowl
Durable and light
Metal Drinking Bowl
High quality bowl
Yard Drinking Troughs
Two types - Tiltable or not

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