Rotary Milking Parlors


High yields - Few People

Rotary Milking Parlors have extremely high yields. They are ideal for farms with more than 1000 animals.
The parlor size starts from 18 and goes up to 60 places and their performance is up to 800 animals per hour. It only requires 2 to 3 people to operated.

The required building space is also minimal.

The operator has complete control of the system. The control panel, which is mounted next to the milker includes displays and controls for all parlor functions. The operator can, for example, to start, stop, or even to change the direction of rotation.

There is built-in meter, to count the total number of animals already milked. The rotational speed is easily regulated, while it rotates, so when a different  the production group enters the parlor the speed can change, achieving always the maximum performance of the parlor.



Sturdy construction

The robust construction ensures long-term operation with minimal maintenance.


All parts of the trap are designed, manufactured and tested with the outmost of care. The metal parts of the trap are all hot dip galvanized. The rotating mechanism is the fifth generation and utilizes industrial chain type. The rotation is smooth under any circumstances.

The central swivel allows the continuous flow of vacuum and power to the parlor and the transfer of milk to the cooling tank while the stall rotates.

All milk, washing even vacuum pipes are stainless steel. Also all connections and bends are stainless steel.



Advanced feed dispensing system

The feed dispensing system is another innovation.

It has the ability to provide automatically and with high accuracy 2 different kinds of feedstuff. The adjustment of each feed type is independent. The system can dispense any type of feed. At the end of the cycle the trough is emptied any feed remnants.


Safe during operation

Safety is extremely important. There are emergency buttons, to immediately stop rotation. There are sensors protecting the animals as well.

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