Cascading Stalls

The cascading stalls for sheep and goats manufactured by our company has a number of features that make it an ideal solution for small farms. On start up only one animal place is open for the animals. The animals are driven there and as soon as the first headlock is activated the next place is opened for entering.

This continues until all animals are in place.






The key features are:

  • Cascading stalls 12 places heavy duty.
  • Possible to expand to 18 to 24 - 30 - 36 seats easily even after the initial installation. 
  • Hot galvanized. 
  • Aluminum headlocks. 
  • Entry and exit gates for animals. 
  • Possible to install feed distribution system. 
  • Possible to install on a moving platform. 
  • Can be used in farms with no electric power. 
  • Simultaneous release of all the animals. 
  • No maintenance and operating costs. 
  • Extremely low-cost.






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The most compact form of sheep and goat stalls. It is ideal for hobby farmers. It can be used in farms with up to 80 animals. It is equipped with feed trough and aluminum headlocks. It can be cascading or with normal headlocks. It has integrated supports and is ready to be used.

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