Milking Set for Sheep and Goats

The new SYLCO HELLAS milking set for sheep and goats was developed based on our long experience in goats and sheep mechanical milking. It combines the ease of use and cleaning with a speed increase by 25% and sets new high standards of animal hygiene.





New oval liner with reinforcements

The new silicone liner for sheep with innovative design (oval with reinforcements) accelerates milking and effectively relieves the udder.

It’s flat shape minimizes closing time of the liner, allowing it to close tightly, without squishing the nipple. Vertical stripes allow it to open faster for the milking phase. There is minimal in between time. The nipple is relieved of the vacuum, while the use of silicone helps eliminate irritation





Transparent claw

Easy to clean

SHS 1002 is the new sheep and goats claw designed for easy use and superior levels of hygiene. Its high capacity (140ml) does not permit milk to return to the udder, no matter how quickly and the animals release the milk. It can be completely dismantled without the use of any tool. The interior is completely free of any corners or points where milk or other foreign materials could be piled and cause problems in cleaning.





Milking Valve SHS 1003

Fully automatic and functional

The SHS 1003 milking valve is simple and yet functional. It is fully automatic during both milking and washing. Simple in design and maintenance, it is easily cleaned. There are neither selectors nor levers. The milk quality is excellent because, due to the internal sphere, milk is smoothly guided to the outlet. The milk flow is much higher. Field tests have shown an increase of speed by 20% during milking compared with other valves. It only consists of 4 parts. Made with the outmost of care, using the highest quality materials to provide long life, SHS 1003 is to revolutionize goats and sheep mechanical milking.

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