Fast Exit

The best cost / performance ratio

Milking parlors of this type have increased performance, yet they require minimum personnel.

They are ideal for farms, sized between 200 and 1200 sheep or goats.

The parlor size starts from 12 and reaches up to 80 positions in a single

or double row.

Their capacity starts at 200 and goes up to 550 animals per hour,

while for proper operation 1 to 3 people are required.

The initial installation cost is very low and the need

for maintenance is minimal.




Top quality construction

The steel construction is a very sturdy, hot galvanized, with no plastic

parts in order to withstand the tough conditions inside a farm.

There is a full stainless steel model, where all steel construction is made

of stainless steel. The space for each animal is increased to 40 cm,

so that even large animals are comfortable.

The feed troughs are stainless steel and have partitions for each animal. The whole front side is lifted by two special air cylinders, one on each side.


The entrance gates for the animals are also air operated. There is a central control box inside the milking pit, where all the controls for fast exit and entry doors are fitted.


The milker can control entry and exit of the animals without leaving the pit. The operation can also be done via remote control. In this case the operator carries the remote control and has absolute freedom of movement.

A stainless steel protection for pipes and milking sets is always fitted.




Distribution of feed is easy and accurate

The feed dispensing system provides feed to the animals easily,

fast, accurately and trouble free. It is made of stainless steel.

The dispensing of feed is done by a special screw conveyor. It can dispense

a large variety of feedstuff without a problem. The lack of plastic parts and the use of a gear motor make sure the system works long-term without problems. It can be adjusted to provide the exact amount of feed with a single press

of the button. The setting is easy and the operator is not obligated to grant

a multiple of a certain amount of feed then pressing the button,

as with the other systems on the market.




Key advantages

  • Increased performance.
  • More space for the animals.
  • Immediate exit of the animals.
  • Animals can exit on any of the 3 sides.



Watch the following video:

Stainless Steel Milking Parlor for Sheep & Goats.



Sheep & Goats Fast Exit Parlor.

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