Grass Mangers

SYLCO feeders provide a clever and practical way to cover sheep and goat daily feeding needs in grass, clover or any other feedstuffs


Sturdy construction to last for a lifetime…

Built to comply with the strictest specifications using highest quality materials SYLCO feeders will withstand the adverse conditions in barns


A heavy duty version with painted grass container mesh and galvanized stand legs is available along with the extra heavy duty version where both mesh and stand legs are galvanized.


Despite its heavy construction the SYLCO feeder can be easily disassembled to be stored or transported effortlessly


Three different feeder sizes (1.25m - 2.00m - 2.50m) are available to cover the customer's particular needs according to the available space.


Not a single leaf is wasted…

SYLCO feeders are designed to minimize grass losses. Only the lower part of the mesh is left open so that excessive grass drawn by the animals falls onto the galvanized tray underneath.


Feed losses are minimal.

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