Sylco Cow Brushes

Cow comfort is essential in order to achieve high quality milk and high yield. SYLCO cow brushes offer a way to keep the cows clean and happy.

Milk production is proven to increase and health problems such as clinical mastitis are reduced.

We produce 2 different types of single brushes depending on the actual needs of the farm.

Both are produced by the highest standards and offer maximum cow comfort. They are environment friendly, operating on inverters minimizing electric power consumption.

They offer a gentle start as soon as the animals move them.


ECOBrush 4000
ECOBrush 4000 can be mounted on wall or pole.

It is mounted at a degree towards the animals. Cows like it because it offers a strong point for the animal to push against. The inclined brush helps with animals of various sizes.

It is equipped with shock absorbers so as to withstand the strong animal pressure.


ECOBrush 3000
ECOBrush 3000 can be mounted on wall, pole or even roof.

It moves freely to all directions up to 60°. In this way the brush has a dual functionality. It can both move to cover more area of the animal and at the same time it provides a more stable axis that the animals can rub against to increase brushing effects. The animals love to play with it and can reach their back and side regardless their size. 



They are both powered by ABB inverter and a 0,75HP electric motor.

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