Vacuum Pumps

The new SYLCO ECO line vacuum pumps deliver the stability and durability needed for professional milking with respect to the environment.


Now Enviroment Friendly!


The SYLCO ECO line vacuum pumps are the result of extended research and testing. Our RnD applied innovated solutions in order to have maximum efficiency with minimum environment costs.

The new principles we applied in designing and high precision machining resulted in 30% lower power consumption, with less noise produced.

They are designed to work at very low speeds if needed without rising temperature. This is extremely important when working with a VCU.


All our pumps are now friendlier to the environment and to your pocket !!!


The ECO line VCU (Vacuum pump Control Unit) takes control of the pumps. It interacts with the ESR (Electronic Servo Regulator) in a unique way to keep vacuum level more stable than ever and power consumption to the minimum.

· Vacuum pump life is extended.

· The VCU can take control of multiple vacuum units.

· It can start and stop them as needed or at a designated pattern.

KNS 250D
SVP 1200
SVP 2300

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