Plastic Floor SYLCO

Plastic Floor SYLCO

Made of high quality virgin materials Plastic Floor SYLCO is one of the best solution for a healthy and safe farm.

The layout of the board is designed for fast and safe movement towards all directions.

The specially designed slots allow dirt and liquids to flow beneath the surface keeping the floor clear.


  • Fast and safe movement towards all directions.
  • Easy to install.
  • Manufactured under the highest standards.
  • Low maintenance (easy to clean).
  • Highly improved hygiene, avoids fungal skin problems in Goats and Sheep during wet seasons.
  • The animals stay clean and dry
  • 3 times longer life in comparison to wooden floors.
  • Made of high quality virgin raw materials of well known producers.


Smart hygienic solutions can easily be integrated.



Plastic Floor SYLCO are available in attractive colours of your choice that gives high-tech and hygienic look to the farm.



  • 60x40cm
  • 40x40cm

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