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SYLCO i-Nurse nursing machine

i-Nurse is the most innovative and sophisticated nursing machine ever. It has been developed using SYLCO's vast experience on nursing machines.


There are 4 different versions of the machine. All the models can be upgraded at a later stage.


A multilanguage PLC is used to control , program , calibrate, adjust the dosage and retrieve information from the machine. Language selection is easy and can be done by the user. .


 A dedicated pump supplies water to mixing bowl , so regardless water pressure the same amount of water is dispensed.


 There are separate mixing and dispensing systems for the milk powder.


It can handle upto 400 lambs and kidden (45 calves)


It utilizes a system to keep the already prepared milk warm.


 Mixing bowl is transparent  for easy overview of the process.


Stainless steel construction


 Adjustable feet for easy leveling.


You can choose between the following versions.




The easy choice... All above advantages are included, plus a very attractive price. You can choose also to upgrade it with a feeding fence and a milk circulating module.



COMFORT includes everything that EASY has plus the circulating module and a fully automatic washing system.



ADVANCED includes everything that COMFORT has and in addition it can connect to WIFI. You can use the app to control and receive information remotely



ULTIMATE supports RFID for the animals and individual feeding. Each animal can receive  individualized feeding , based on its needs. It offers maximum control over feeding. It is the most sophisticated machine.

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