Milk Express

The Sylco Milk Express is an efficient way to prepare

and distribute milk to calves.



Feeding milk to calves has never been easier


Forget carrying buckets of milk twice a day. No more back pains.
Milk is prepared easily with minimal effort and is distributed in less than half the time needed with traditional system. It is easy as going for a walk.

No spilling of milk and the calves get the milk they need fast and accurate. The process is so simple and easy that you could even increase the number of feedings to 3 instead of 2. The calves are feed more reguraly with obvious benefits to their health and growth.



Different machines for different needs

Every farm has it’s special needs and we offer solutions to cover all needs. Pasteurizing is an option and well as external cooling devices.


100, 150, 200 liter tank
You can choose between 3 sizes the one that better suits your needs. The tank has inclined bottom and drainage so no liquid stays inside. It comes with a 50mm stainless steel valve in case you need to fast drain it or get some of the milk manually.

Strong frame on 4 wheels
Farm terrain usually is rough and needs a stable way to transport milk. Milk express comes on 4 large wheels that offer this stability and with enhanced flexibility. The 2 front wheels and swivel towards all direction making it easy to move through narrow corridors and confined spaced.

Powerful Agitator
The mixing is done through a powerful inverter driven 1 HP multi- speed regulated agitator. Mixing is fast and accurate.

Once this is done slow speed is selected so that the meal is homogenously warmed and keep in the same temperature. The strong agitator helps during washing as well.



Easy to use and program electronic Panel

A HMI (Human-Machine Interface) must be durable and easy to handle. Milk express electronics excels in both.

It have never been easier to select a standard quantity to dispense, check the milk temperture, keep track of the milk dispensed, calibrate the dosing meter or simply start the cleaning cycle.

It provides advanced settings regulationwith a few key presses.


What you select is what the animal gets.
Milk express comes with a build in flow meter. The dispensed milk is accurately measured, not estimated.

Long Autonomous Operation
The large battery allows the milk express to operate for long time without needing to be connected to the electric grid. The battery is automatically recharged when milk Express is connected to the mains.

Fast or slow Heating
You can choose how many of the heating elements you use. If you do not prepare a full tank or want to warm the water- milk slowly you can choose a low power heating, preserving the quality and taste of the milk.

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